Utusan Malaysia

''Utusan Malaysia'' (Jawi: اوتوسن مليسيا; English: ''The Malaysian Tribune'' or simply ''Utusan'') is a Malaysian Malay-language daily newspaper. Formerly owned by the Utusan Group, the newspaper is currently owned by Media Mulia.

Distinctive for its blue masthead as its logo and trademark, ''Utusan Malaysia'' is the oldest Malay-language newspaper in Malaysia and the world. It was first published in Jawi in 1939 and became an influential medium for the people to voice out their opinions towards the ruling of the British Government in Malaya. Since 2018, the newspaper shifted its size from broadsheet to tabloid format.

In recent years, ''Utusan Malaysia'' went through a critical business period as its daily circulation and readership continued to decline, along with the deteriorating cash flow of its former parent company. Despite initial reports that the newspaper and its sister papers ''Mingguan Malaysia'', ''Kosmo!'', and ''Kosmo! Ahad'' would be shutting down in mid-August 2019, the newspaper's publisher Utusan Group announced that they would continue publishing after receiving a RM$1.6 million cash injection from the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). Though ''Utusan'' ceased operations on 9 October 2019, it was subsequently reported that the newspaper would resume publication on 1 November 2019 after Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary's Aurora Mulia acquired a majority stake in Utusan's wholly owned subsidiary Dilof Sdn Bhd. However, the anticipated publication did not materialise.

In response to the closure of the newspaper, the then Minister of Entrepreneur Development, Redzuan Yusof, announced that ''Utusan Malaysia'' will make its comeback in 2020. The newspaper was relaunched on 20 July 2020. Provided by Wikipedia