Gycaemic control and treatment profile amongst 20646 adult type 2 diabetes mellitus: a descriptive report

An audit of Diabetes Control and Management-Diabetes Registry Malaysia (ADCM-DRM) was started to monitor the provision of diabetes care in the country. A total of 20,646 patients were registered in the registry until 31st December 2008. This report set out to determine the Type 2 diabetes controls a...

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গ্রন্থ-পঞ্জীর বিবরন
প্রধান লেখক: Chew, Boon How, Lee, Ping Yein, Ismail, Mastura, Cheong, Ai Theng, Taher, Sri Wahyu, Ahmad, Zaiton
বিন্যাস: প্রবন্ধ
প্রকাশিত: Universiti Putra Malaysia Press 2014
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